Plan of action Ravensprings Low Level

Before May Open Day Level mainline between loop and AP2 Brighouse Junction Lift road 2 done Recover ballast done Recover matting done Decide on final level of bed (note track height 3 ¼” from sleeper bottom to track top Make former to level ballast Fit chairs loosely to sleepers Finalise crossing material and If rail more than ½” above station platform consider material to reduce trip hazard

After open day Lift road 1

Use this track for platform 2 on straight section Remove ballast and ground to allow 1” ballast below sleeper height Lay matting Ballast 1” and consolidate Lay sleepers Then add track 

Any questions ask Martyn 07517608060 or Dave 07952780283


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Club Invite Wakefield

We have been invited to visit Wakefield at Thornes Park on the 3 August. Last year Fred, Andy and Howard visited. They are busy adding a raised 3.5 and 5" track but I am not sure if it is finished.

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