Bradford ME Have Thrown Down the Gauntlet Wix Inbox Hi there! You've got a new message DR Derek Round Hi Martyn, Thanks for the reply. I’ve attached the current rules, and will cut and paste them below as they are not in Word format. Do get back if you need any further information. Regards, Derek Round The Bradford M.E. Club, Electric Speed Locomotive Competition. This years Competition, June 6th 7.30pm, Northcliffe Park, Bradford, BD18, 7.30pm. Please advise us nearer the date if you are entering, using Preamble: This is meant to be a fun competition. Any skill level is appropriate, as long as the locomotive is judged by the Contest Director to be safe to run. Kitchen table methods of construction are to be applauded! The nature of the contest is a Time Trial, and that each locomotive entry, after practice, has to individually make up to three attempts at circumnavigating the Bradford ME Clubs raised track, for two complete circuits, in the shortest possible time. The Locomotive commences from a (start) line, and is timed from a standing start, it then does two complete circuits at the highest possible speed, and the timer is stopped when the loco crosses the same line. But, the locomotive must then brake and remain on the line until it is recovered, ie suicide runs are not allowed! The locomotive must be powered by electricity, be radio controlled, and have a working brake, which may be by simply reversing the drive motor(s). Naturally, a robust type of construction must be used to survive the inevitable “offs” that will occur during practice runs. We have run this competion now for two years, and our raised track can be made safe to do this, the inevitable “offs” usually necesitating the locomotive being recovered from the surrounding bushes! We take safety very seriously, and on “race day”, put in place sufficient systems and procedures to ensure everyone present, is safe. If it is not judged to be safe, racing will not take place! The Rules and Regulations: 1) The locomotive must be driven by electricity, be controlled remotely by Radio Control, and have a working braking system. 2) The braking system must enable the locomotive to come to a complete stop. 3) The radio control system must be uk legal, and if it is of the older type and uses spot frequences, then an appropriate Frequency Peg must accompany the locomotive. This peg must then be used on the provided “Peg Board” before the radio control transmitter is switched on. 4) Any means of moving the locomotive by electricity may be used. 5) The locomotive may run on either the 5inch gauge track or the 3 1/2inch gauge track. 6) There are no restrictions on the design of the locomotive, except that if there are any safety concerns, then the Contest Directors ruling is final 7) The locomotive must be placed on the track before a run, and lifted off the track after the run. There must be no physical means of attaching the locomotive to the track. 8) Before the start of the first run, the locomotive brake will be demonstrated. If satisfactory, the locomotive will be allowed to run. 9) The locomotive shall have the opportunity of three runs. 10) The basis of the competition will be that the locomotive must complete two full laps from a standing start, and that the fastest time will be the winner. 11) In addition, after completing the two timed laps, the locomotive must brake to a wholly safe slower speed, and so remain on the track. (Suicide runs are not allowed!) The locomotive should be at a completely stationary when it is recovered, and removed from the track. 12) Should the locomotive leave the track at any time during the attempt, then that attempt is null and void. If this happens, the competitor must make sure that the locomotive is quickly made “safe”, while it is recovered, and that it is knowingly switched off as soon as can be safely done. 13) The nominated Contest Directors word/ruling is final. Their over-riding aim will be the safe running and organisation of the contest. 14) If the Contest Director judges that a locomotive is not safe to run, then that decision is final. Any decision regarding the competition/event by the Contest Director, is final. 15) Before the contests commencement, free practice will be allowed, at the contest directors control, so that all times, all locomotives are run safely. 16) The Date, Time and Location of the Competition, and the Contest Director, will be decided by the Bradford Model Engineering Club Committee. 


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