Sunday Update

Today was rather lovely on site but very cold. A couple of us spent the day on leaf clearing with some help this afternoon from a few more got the site cleared.  We are ready for another load being down by Wednesday. Now we have cleared the backlog hopefully the blower will keep up to it if someone does it every Wednesday and Sunday. 

Work for Wednesday includes making a start on the ballast boards on the outside of the loop out line between the covered station and the loop point. Ray is one with the edging with pavers from the point onwards. 

In preparation for the canopy on the loop station the gantry will be removed so that it can be relocated. 

The work will hopefully continue on the 5” carriage shed we need door and a frame for the bit between the two sheds next. Although the track girders need fixing if you want a job. 

See you Wednesday from 0930!

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