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Dear all

This is an update on June's events of which there are still many to come.

Sunday 18 June

The portable track is at Gildersome Scarcrow event, as always Les and Fred would really appreciate help.

Saturday 24 June - 2 Events

1- Portable track in Wellhome Park help appreciated

2- The Gathering takes place at Ravensprings Park from 10am, all BHME members welcome, I don't know of any visiting 3.5/5" locos so it would be good opportunity to have a play. This is group of like minded people who build 'minimal' railways and rolling stock. Think Victoria, Spuggy and Martyn's new Breakdown Crane and that should get you thinking about what is coming. One of the visiting locos is a sit inside single Fairlie and it is coming from south of the Thames!


Sunday 25 June

Charity Open Day support in For Get Me Not Children's Hospice, 13:30 start always a popular one so again help appreciated.


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Club Invite Wakefield

We have been invited to visit Wakefield at Thornes Park on the 3 August. Last year Fred, Andy and Howard visited. They are busy adding a raised 3.5 and 5" track but I am not sure if it is finished.

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