Wednesday and Friday working party

Dear all Rodney made a suggestion today that if enough of us clubbed in we could buy the stone for both portals. Currently there are 10 people who have said they are will to put in. David is getting a price on Wednesday so we should know the cost by then. I will keep you informed but any control would be very welcome.

Had a tidy up today skip very full but still room for more. There is still a water leak and Yorkshire water have put us on notice. We tried to dig down by hand but could not find it. There is a working party on Friday digger ordered

Anyone need a job the old track is to stack on far side of turntable. Straights on bottom curves on top please

Moved the hut on to the site where trailer used to be

Tamped all Track into correct level and run around lots this afternoon. Level crossings extended as the trailer had to stay in that side. Work continued on dry stone wall. Site is now almost back to norm after big effort to tidy up. Skip still on site so in the rubbish now!!!


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Club Invite Wakefield

We have been invited to visit Wakefield at Thornes Park on the 3 August. Last year Fred, Andy and Howard visited. They are busy adding a raised 3.5 and 5" track but I am not sure if it is finished.

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