Lots of activity today with boiler tests and some trains actually running

David continued with the dry stone walling, ballast recovery took place down club house straight. Level crossings are closer to being finished. We are going to swap mower and trailer as the new level crossing is narrower than old one. The other trailer has been removed and will be stored where the grounded covered coach body was. We need a securing method for it. Cab ride in Victoria

The test running found a few issues.

1, a chair in wrong way around plus one screwed into sleeper not the holes allowed Davids Patriot tender to drop inside the track. Fixed

2, derailment far end of Dell. Again incorrect chair possibly fixed but might be linked to 3

3, too much superelevation just after tree with wall followed immediately by line tipping outwards TO SORT

4, too much super elevation after crossings TO SORT 

5, second crossing dips with weight needs tamping. TO SORT


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