First ideas

So the first major issue is the route away from the shared tunnel, 1, demolish existing tunnel and build two new ones, or, 2, move ground level track out of shared tunnel and provide new one for ground level track.

Option 2 was preferred, but that also had multiply options, a, move just to the left of shared tunnel, b, go under the toilets, c, go around the toilets.

The proposal presented to the committee was 2b to tunnel under the toilets and to move the ground level track to a new alignment down the Dell, the Dell Project was born! Now we had to work out how it could be done, how long it would take and of course how much it would cost.


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Club Invite Wakefield

We have been invited to visit Wakefield at Thornes Park on the 3 August. Last year Fred, Andy and Howard visited. They are busy adding a raised 3.5 and 5" track but I am not sure if it is finished.

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