Locomotives and Carriages


The locomotives that run at Ravensprings are mainly built and owned by the members of the club.  BHME three locomotives, one 5" and two 7 1/4" all 'diesels' (battery electric) although it does own the majority of the rolling stock, ie, carriages, that are used on open days.  One of the 7 1/4" locos is a Junior project loco.


Locomotives can be split into two main types, Steam and Diesel, both of these then sub divided into Standard Gauge (ie those that ran on 'main lines' and in UK 4' 8.5" between the track), Narrow Gauge (ie less than 4' 8.5" gauge) and Minimal Gauge (designed for the gauge they run on).  In full size narrow gauge locomotives would be smaller than standard guages ones, however, because the gauge of our track is set, narrow gauge prototypes are bulit to a bigger scale so end up as larger models.  Minimal locomotives tend to be very big locomotives where the driver is sat on or in the cab, sometimes these are loosely based on a narrow gauge prototype.  The American 'loading' gauge is bigger that the UK's so American standard gauge prototypes produce larger models.  On our ground level track you will find all these different types represented.


All our steam locomotives operate in just the same way as their full size equivelents.  There really is no difference you have a firebox, where the fuel (normally coal) is burned, this heats the water inside the boiler to produce steam.  The steam is then used in double acting cylinders to turn the wheels.  The exhaust steam is then fed up the chimney to draw the fire.


We use the term diesel locomotives to covers all types of internal combustion engine prototypes and electric prototypes.  Diesel outline locomotives do not necessarily operate in the same way as the full size equivelent, which have a number of different methods of propulstion, Diesel Mechanical, Diesel Hydraulic, Diesel Electric, 3rd rail Electric or Overhead Electric, you can also get petrol versions of those listed as diesel.  

In terms of the models running at Ravensprings we have Diesel Electrics, Diesel Hydraulics, Petrol Electrics, Petrol Hydraulics and Battery Electrics which make up the majority.

Raised Track Carriages (2.5", 3.5" and 5" Gauge)

Our raised track carriages were constructed by members in 2001.  They come in two dieffernt lengths, 4' and 6', and can be coupled together to provide a train of any length.  We normally run trains of 1, 2 or 3 carriages long.

Ground Level Track Carriages (7 1/4" Gauge)

The club has standardised on articulated carriages designed by Colin Edmondson.    We have three 2 car sets and one 3 car set.  All will be dual braked, vacuum and air by the end of 2019.  Air braking is fully self contained, vacuum brakes require the locomotive to provide the vacuum.

In addition to the above carriages there are 4 sets of carriages owned by members that normally operate at Ravensprings.  N&W, a 3 car 4 seats per car, based on American Norfolk and Western Battleship Gondolas.  Standard gauge well wagon set 3 seats per carriage (single pipe air brakes).  Blue Pullman 3 carriage set with 4 seats per carriage, one carriage can be converted to either carry 4 or 2 plus wheelchair (single pipe air braked).  Set of 3 standard gauge BR mk1s (vacuum braked).

The latest addition is a demonstration 'goods' train, watch out for it running behind standard gauge locomotives.


7 1/4" Standard Gauge Steam
5" Standard Guage Diesel 
5" Standard Gauge Steam
7 1/4" Standard Gauge Diesel
7 1/4" Narrow Gauge Steam
7 1/4" Minimal/Narrow Gauge Diesel
7 1/4" American Standard Gauge Steam
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