The large grounds include two tracks a club house and a grassed area that is ideal for picnics whilst providing a safe area for children to play in between train rides.  



Onsite parking limited to members and visitors with locomotives.  Members of the public are requested to park on the road, but please park courteously so as not to inconvenience our neighbours.



Our club room provides refreshments/tea/coffee etc, at reasonable price on public open days. 


Ground Level Track

Our 7 1/4” gauge track is over 1000 feet in length with two stations.  The driver can select his/her own route in terms of the 'Main Line' or 'Station' with two roads in Ravensprings Low Level or one in Brighouse Station.  All sizes from standard gauge prototypes, through narrow gauge to minimal locos are catered for, note track is designed around narrow gauge back to back dimensions.  

Locomotive unloading tis currently a project whilst we are closed in 2020.  Two areas area available for steaming raising one with air and the other with air and 12 volt supply.  The club has both dual air/vacuum (1 set of 3 carriages and 1 of 2 carriages) and air braked stock (2 sets of 2 carriages), with a flying brake lead available for visiting locos.  Some members have their own stock both standard and narrow gauge which may be available for use.


Raised Track

2 1/2”, 3 1/2” & 5” gauges on approx. 660 feet circular loop.  The steaming area is provided with air and 12volt for steam raising, turntable with roads at different levels are based in Ravensprings Station.  Braking is manual  hydraulic both for guard and driver.


Visiting Locomotive Requirements

All visiting locomotives are required to provide the following where necessary:

  1. Current boiler certification (steam only)

  2. Secondary coupling between driven part of loco and the driver, where driver is not sat in/on locomotive

  3. Spark arrestor for steam locos

    Please contact us first via the contact page.

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