Summer 2020

May 31, 2020

We had planned to spend this year's takings improving the path down to Ravensprings Low Level Station.  Obviously we will not be making any money this year.  In July we intend to go to Crowdfunding to raise enough money to pay for the materials.  Our members will then do all the work to construct a new path aimed at improving access for all to Ravensprings Low Level Station.  Watch out for the fund raiser!

Summer 2020 Raised Track Loading Facilities

May 31, 2020

As we cannot safely run trains whilst Covid 19 is around we are undertaking some remedial work on our loading facilities.

Winter 2019/20

November 11, 2019

We have a lot of work planned for this winter: -Rebuilding the mower/trailer shed

Junior Project Loco

January 07, 2019

We only have a small number of junior members but they are now building their won battery electric loco a Class 04 'Diesel'. This is the basic body cut out of MDF by laser cutter and 3D printed nose cone.

Watch out for further updates

Ravenspring Low Level Station

January 07, 2019

With the canopy complete work is on going to complete the railway look of the building watch out for the new signs

More New Ground Level Carraiges

January 07, 2019

The new red set of 3 carriages is nearing completion and will be out on trial to be ready for April 14

The Kitson 2017 Tunnel and the Dell Deviation

July 01, 2017

In mid 2015 our president suggested it really was time we removed the bottleneck of the shared tunnel.  This led to a project to build a new tunnel under the access road and also the toilets!  We did some preparation work  during summer 2016 which included tree management on the Dell.  Late summer we dug under the toilets and built a that part of the tunnel.

In October 2016 after the last open day we set to and started on the cut and cover tunnel across the access to Ravensprings.  All the work on site was completed by members of BHME and will be open for the first open day of 2017 and the Dell Deviation and The Kitson Tunnel were official opened on the 2 April.


There is still a lot of work to do on the site to complete this major project but until we have earned some money we cannot do any more.  Watch out for changes when you visit this year. 

New Ground Level Carraiges

April 02, 2016

New carriage sets for the ground level track have been built using body kits.  These carriage will form the main passenger carrying carriages for the ground level track.

The Revised Loop

March 30, 2014

Click on the link to read about this project

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