Following the easing of the Government’s restrictions the Committee offer the following advice should you wish to visit Ravensprings Park.
NOTE the club is in the process of buying sanitisers and wipes but these have not yet arrived. PLEASE TAKE YOUR OWN SPRAY OR WIPES. It is also suggested that you bring disposable gloves, these are a requirement if you are testing a boiler.
1. You must observe social distancing rules at all times and PLEASE SPRAY or WIPE THINGS YOU TOUCH WITH SANITISER AFTER USE
2. Spread out your visits we do not all need to go on Sundays and Wednesdays 3. The Clubhouse will remain closed to avoid any congregation of members.
4. The toilet will be strictly one person in at a time and will have a sign saying Occupied on one side and Free on the other. PLEASE SPRAY or WIPE TAPS AND DOOR HANDLE WITH SANITISER AFTER USE.
5. No loco without a valid boiler test shall be run.
6. If you wish to organise a boiler test the actual test must be done whilst observing the social distancing rules. The Owner, Boiler Tester and Observer MUST wear disposable gloves and the 3 people involved must observe social distancing at all times during the test.
7. No more than one person on a carriage. PLEASE SPRAY or WIPE WITH SANITISER AFTER USE
8. If working on buildings, lifting, construction work, using a ladder etc you need more than one person there in case of accidents.
9. If you go to Ravensprings by yourself take extra care and do not do anything which may endanger your safety eg try to lift something beyond your normal capability, climb ladders etc. Always have a mobile phone with you and make sure someone knows you are at Ravensprings and at what time you will be home, that way if they haven’t heard from you they can check up on you.
10. Use battery power tools rather than mains powered tools which are you are not allowed to use if you are by yourself.
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