Joining BHME

Do I need to be an engineer?

No – a significant proportion of our members have no formal engineering background, for example we have school children, firefighters, painter and decorators and a few engineers of various types.

If I do own a locomotive when can I use the track?

Provided a steam locomotive has current hydraulic and steam tests then members are free to use the track at any time except whilst public are present.  When public are present members must have passed their driving test before they are allowed to drive.


Will someone help me build a locomotive?

Yes – Our members have a vast pool of knowledge which they are keen to share.  This ability to tap into our collective knowledge is really the main reason to join BHME.  The club now owns 2 'Diesel' locomotives and it may be possible to learn to drive on one or other of these locos.


Do I have to work on club days?

No – There is no 'requirement to work', Ravensprings Park is maintained and operated on a voluntary basis, however, to get the most out of the club it would be helpful if you assisted on Public Running Days and/or Birthday Parties. 

We meet every Wednesday and Sunday from 1030 to have a good natter and maintain Ravensprings Park, with members often running a locomotive and we enjoy ourselves with real trains.


Can I learn to Drive a Steam Train?

Yes - Although the club does not own any locomotives so it would depend on someone being willing to let you have a go with their own pride and joy.  


What if I just want to help run the railway?

Yes - you can be involved in all the jobs going from track laying, signal man, guard, porter, station master, signal and telegraph, catering and booking clerk (well take the money at the gate).  


What do I do Next?

In the first instance please contact us via the Contact Us Page and then we can discuss visiting Ravensprings Park on a Wednesday or Sunday so that you can have a chat and a good look around. 


If  you like what you see you can complete the application form and return on your next visit.

Please note all our members are required to undertake a DBS check, the club does not see the check and is only informed if an issue with child protection comes to light.