We are a friendly bunch of enthusiasts who enjoy our hobby which is based around model engineering.  You do not have to be an engineer to enjoy our hobby; in fact very few of our members have any engineering background.  What we all have is a love of making something, be it a steam locomotive, diesel locomotive, signalling, a garden or even just coming along for a good natter.

Mission Statement


The aim of the society is to encourage interest in engineering and to keep alive the heritage that this and surrounding areas were built on. This is being achieved by talks, lectures, exhibitions and open days.


The Brighouse & Halifax Model Engineers have been on the present site for over seventy years. Starting out as a place where like minded people could meet, discuss and exchange ideas on all aspects of miniature engineering. This included steam engines, both stationary and miniature working  passenger hauling and model boats of all types. Unfortunately the boating side of the club had to be dispensed with when it became impractical to maintain the lake due to subsidence of the site.


The engineering side has flourished and covers all types of miniature modelling.

We have regular meetings and the facilities are opened to the public on regular occasions during the summer months; when the public, for a nominal payment can ride on and use most of the facilities. We give every encouragement for people to join our society, where there is a wealth of engineering skills available to encourage participants to further their own education in engineering practice and make and enjoy models of all types.


We have now quite a number of young people who have joined and are showing a keen interest in general engineering.

Whilst there is a major interest in railway engines there is also a very diverse interest in all aspects of engineering: traction engines, stationary engines and aero engines. Also there is now a following for the more ‘modern’ types of diesel and electrically driven engines.


Charitable objects   

The advancement of public education in the construction of models, of engineering models in particular, through provision of talks, demonstrations and facilities for running engineering models.

GDPR Statement

BHME's full statement is available in this PDF document.

Registered charity 1114934

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